Celebration of His Life

Paul Joseph Gallagher

A Celebration of His Life – January 5, 2012

Paul Joseph Gallagher, 58, of Madison, N.J., died on Friday, Dec. 30, 2011. The service was held on Thursday, Jan. 5, at Studio Yoga, 2 Green Village Rd., Madison. Paul was an innovative contributor to classical new music and expanded the genre with a unique approach to intonation. The recipient of several grants and fellowships, Paul composed numerous pieces for voice as well as tone poems and symphonies. His work has been performed in New York City, Copenhagen and elsewhere. His creative innovation also permeated his many paintings, set designs, and other artistic expressions of nature and spirituality. Paul, a talented tenor, was also a sought-after private vocal instructor whose students included many who attained district, state and Eastern U.S. recognition from the N.J. Music Educators Association. He also coached other professional vocal artists with whom he collaborated and sang in a variety of performances that he composed and directed. Studying under Morton Feldman and Heinz Rehfuss, Paul received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in composition and voice at SUNY Buffalo. Born and raised in the Pittsburgh area, he received his bachelor’s education at Penn State. Paul will be deeply missed by his grieving family and friends. He is survived by his devoted wife of 26 years, Theresa Rowland of Madison; his mother, Lorraine Gallagher of Monroeville, Pa.; brothers, Tim, Steve and Pat Gallagher; sisters Janet Rubinson, Colleen Gallagher and Laura Protzman, and many nieces and nephews. Condolences and contributions to the Paul Gallagher Memorial Fund may be sent c/o Studio Yoga, 2 Green Village Rd., Madison, N.J. 07940.

Dear Family, Friends, Students, and Colleagues of Paul Gallagher and Theresa Rowland –

We have the sad news that Paul passed away on Friday night, December 30.

Everyone is invited to the funeral services on Thursday, January 5th at Studio Yoga, 2 Green Village Road, Madison, NJ 07940.  We will gather at 4pm for visitation and at 5pm the service will be given by John Welshons.

We will include you in the program if you have something to say, or read, or sing.  If you would like to participate in the service, please email staff@studioyoganj.com or call the Studio Yoga office at 973-966-5311.

Flowers may be sent to the Studio address above (Suite 215).

A potluck dinner will follow the service.   If you can bring a favorite dish or volunteer your time to assist, please call Jane Caulfield at 732-261-3159 or email her at janecaulfield@comcast.net.

Studio Yoga is located in downtown Madison at the corner of Main Street and Green Village Road (above Blue Ridge Mountain Sports).  There is free parking in the municipal lot behind the building and there is another lot behind the buildings across Main Street.  There is also street parking on Main Street and King’s Road (along the train trestle) as well as on Green Village Road.

Please share this email with anyone we may have missed.


January 5 Program

Visitation at 4 pm

John Conte on the piano

Picture Boards by Jane Caulfield

Service at 5 pm

Opening Bell by John Welshons

“My Heavenly Home” (Front Range) with Ken Galipeau

Welcome by John Welshons

“Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” with Kiki and Stephen Gallagher

Reflections on Paul’s life by his siblings

Janet Rubinson

Tim Gallagher

Colleen Gallagher

Pat Gallagher

“Dream” (Pricilla Ahn) by Natalie Duffy

“Fall Down as the Rain” (Joe Crookston) with Ken Galipeau

Reflections on their life together – Theresa Rowland

tryambaka mantra  and asato ma

“Hey God” (Vince Gill) with Ken Galipeau

Open Mic

“Amazing Grace” with Joni Wellness

“Close Your Sleepy Eyes” (Paul Gallagher) with Ella Ackerman and friends

Guided Meditation with John Welshons

Poem by Kahlil Gibran

Your loving presence is valued and appreciated.

Thank you for coming.

“My Heavenly Home” (Front Range), Ken Galipeau

The sun is low, the shadows long
My days on earth are almost gone
I hear a voice calling soft and low
and it says the time has come to go.
To my eternal heavenly home.

Beyond this world there is a place
Where we shall have eternal grace
Where fragrant springtime breezes blow
And trees stand tall and flowers grow
And the clear and peaceful water flow.

And when I reach that heavenly shore
I’ll meet with those who’ve gone before
And there I shall rejoice with them
As my savior softly calls me in
To live forever there with him.

So do not weep too long for me
For wondrous visions now I see
and when your days on earth are o’r
I will meet you on a distance shore
In a land where we shall die no more.

The sun is low, the shadows long
My days on earth are almost gone
I hear a voice calling soft and low
and it says the time has come to go.
To my eternal heavenly home.

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home,
Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home.

I looked over Jordan, and what did I see?
Coming for to carry me home.
I saw a band of angels coming after me,
Coming for to carry me home.


If you get back to heaven before I do,
Coming for to carry me home.
You’ll tell all my friends I’ll be coming there too.
Coming for to carry me home.


Janet Rubinson Reflection

Good Evening. My name is Janet and I am one of Paul’s sisters. I have always loved and still love my dear brother very, very much. I would like to share a little of what I remember of Paul and our childhood together. My memories, like all of yours, are very personal and specific to the time we spent together. With the exception of my mother, mine may go back the farthest in time. The memories I carry in my heart consist of impressions of light and color, movement and sound that have a very dreamlike quality to them. These earliest memories are my happiest ones. Before the thought of ourselves as separate individuals had much power over us, we shared joy and laughter and delighted in each other’s company. We ran and played and made wonderful mischief together. When the first four out of seven siblings, Paul, Tim, Colleen and myself, were still very young children, we lived in a small house and slept together in one room. I remember having hilarious, delicious, exquisite fun, night after night, all at the expense of our parents’ peace of course.

As children do, we wanted to be free always. Paul wanted freedom so much that at about age four or five he climbed a tree so high he did not trust the frail branches at the top of the very tall tree to support him on the way down.  Firemen had to come with a long tall ladder to help him down. Eating crab apples, chasing fireflies, digging in the dirt, tromping through leaves, throwing snowballs, squirting one another with the water hose, all were done with wholehearted and reckless passion.

As we got older, our home was often a musical and artistic place. Drawing, singing, dancing and performing were many times on the day’s agenda. Financially our parents’ could do little to support our budding talents, but those talents were appreciated and celebrated. Paul’s poetic, spiritual and musical nature became very evident as he matured, as did his determination to realize that nature fully.

He was also very sensitive to the emotional and psychological states of others as a child. One memory I have that is very telling involves Paul’s relationship with our mother. When I was about eight and he was six my mother’s sister passed away suddenly and tragically. On that occasion we suddenly heard our mother’s painful sobs coming from the dining room . Gathered at the top of the stairs, listening to the frightening sounds below, Paul wanted to rush to her immediately. Being older than he, and for some reason thinking that I was protecting both he and my mother, I said that he should not. He did. He would not be deterred. He flew down the stairs. His ever-open, open heart would be with his mother in her time of devastating heartbreak regardless of anything.  And she was very glad he came to her and wanted to be with her. So, knowing who my brother is in this way, I find myself not capable of  feeling that he is apart from us now.

“New Year’s Day” Colleen Gallagher

“Dream” (Pricilla Ahn), Natalie Duffy

“Fall Down as Rain” (Joe Crookston), Ken Galipeau

When my life is over and I have gone away
I’m gonna leave this big ol’ world and the trouble and the pain
And if I get to heaven I will not stay
I’ll turn myself around again and fall down as the rain
Fall down as the rain, fall down as the rain. Turn myself around again and fall down as the rain
And when I finally reach the ground I’ll soak into the sod
I’ll turn myself around again, come up as goldenrod
Come up as goldenrod, come up as goldenrod. Turn myself around again, come up as goldenrod
And then when I turn dry and brown I’ll lay me down to rest
I’ll turn myself around again as part of an eagle’s nest
Part of an eagle’s nest, part of an eagle’s nest. Turn myself around again as part of an eagle’s nest
And when that eagle learns to fly
I’ll flutter from that tree
I’ll turn myself around again
As part of the mystery
Part of the mystery, part of the mystery. Turn myself around again as part of the mystery

Reflections on their life together, Theresa Rowland
I’d like to say a few things about Paul as an artist. He not only had a beautiful singing voice, but he was both talented and innovative. All of his music compositions and visual arts were an expression of his spiritual life. This was behind all of the metaphors such as the sea, and sensual life. As a composer he developed his own unique style within just intonation. He was also innovative as a visual artist, primarily in the realm of creating scenery for his music performances. In his acrylic paintings everything was enclosed within cells which served to invoke nature in all of his works. He also developed a collage method he named “photo intarsia” in which he used color and texture to represent forms different than the original photos.

As an artist he was single minded. Everything in his life was measured against the time he needed to practice and to compose. But he wasn’t just sitting around being intellectual. Actually, in school, his fellow composers didn’t know what to do think of Paul going out to play soccer.

He and I hiked and bicycling and skied. He went to the gym every morning, mainly to help manage the pain but he also relished the activity. As many of you know, singing is very physical as well. He would practice 3-4 hours a day when his teaching schedule allowed. He would go into the room and turn on the equipment and a very important piece of equipment was the television. He kept the ball game on the entire time – with the sound off of course. In between Italian arias he would rest and watch the game for awhile.

Paul had a lot to offer the world, especially in his teaching. His students meant a lot to him and gave him a focus and hope even when his suffering was at its peak. And, I know that he meant a lot to all of his students and taught them much more than how to sing.

When Paul left us he was looking forward to so many things. He was talking about mentoring a girl band of Emily, and Erin, and Natalie. Sean was working on the lyrics and he and Paul had just completed one song just a few days before. Over this holiday teaching break he was writing the Gallagher Requiem modeled after Verdi’s and had 2 and a half parts already finished. And he was talking about having a concert for his 60th birthday in which he would bring Erik over from Denmark to play at the concert.

I will miss Paul’s sweet voice.

I will miss his wisdom.

I will miss his integrity, honesty, focus, creativity.

I will miss how we experienced nature together.

I will carry with me forever his unconditional love and devotion. My wish for all of you is that you might experience the depth of love that Paul had for me, and that we had for each other.

Before we chant I’d like to add that I have never been more pleased to be a member of the Gallagher family. This week they have wrapped me up completely in their love and support. Thank you.

Tryambakam Mantra

Asatoma Mantra

“Hey God” (Vince Gill), Ken Galipeau

Hey God, I just lost a dear old friend
Hey God, I hope he’s in your angel band
Hey God, you know he believed in you
Just help me understand why you do the things you do

Hey God, send me down some comfort please
Hey God, I’ll be down here on my knees
Hey God, will we ever comprehend
The forgiveness and grace that lies waiting in the end

Oh there’s anger and tears for all of those years
that your children won’t have you to hold
Oh my heart has been broken. The angels have spoken
Still I wish I could watch you grow old

Hey God, I know he didn’t die alone
Hey God, tell my old friend welcome home
Hey God, please here me I pray
Pray for a little peace ‘til we meet again someday
Pray for a little peace ‘til we meet again some-day

Open Microphone

“Amazing Grace” sung by Joni Wellness

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That touched a Soul like me!
I once was lost, but now am found
Was blind, but now I see.
‘Twas grace that taught my heart to sing
And Grace my fears relieved
How precious did Grace then appear
The hour I first believed!
Through many dangers, toils, and snares
I have already come
‘Tis Grace has brought me safe thus far
And Grace will lead me home.
Grace has given life to me
Its Sound  my hope secures
My shield and portion Grace will be
As long as life endures
The earth will someday pass away
The sun forebear to shine
And God who sent me here below
I’ll be forever thine.
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That touched a Soul like me!
I once was lost, but now am found
Was blind, but now I see.

“Close Your Sleepy Eyes” (Paul Gallagher), Ella Ackerman & Friends

Guided Meditation, John Welshons

Poem by Kahlil Gibran